3 Interesting Civilian Uses for Drones

Unmanned areal vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones, are most widely known for their military applications, including aerial surveillance. However, small and lightweight, drones have a surprising number of civilian uses. Today, several government agencies, public universities, and private companies hold FAA permits to fly private drones. In many civilian sectors of society, drones are doing great things.

Search and Rescue

Drones with heat-sensing equipment can be used to help find victims lost or stranded in remote locations. The use of well-equipped drones is increasing for search and rescue missions and could soon become a standard way to search large swaths of inaccessible terrain, even at night.

Hurricane Hunting

NASA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and leading global security company Northrop Grumman recently teamed up to build a high-tech, long range drone intended to facilitate hurricane research and tropical storm tracking. The drone allows scientist to get deep into the heart of the storm to collect data without risking human lives. Interestingly, the University of Florida has also undertaken a similar initiative. The university has developed a small fleet of miniature drones. Launched with a laptop, these drones can be carried by wind and water currents. They collect valuable data while being hurled through hurricanes and tropical storm, reporting on temperature, pressure, humidity, and location. All in all, drones can help us to better understand how and why hurricanes form, saving both money and lives.

3-D Mapping

Because drones have powerful surveillance capabilities they can easily take thousands of digital images that can be pieced together into an incredibly precise 3-D map. This technology is commonly used by the US Military but it is becoming increasingly common in the civilian sector. Its applications have been vast and varied, from facilitating effective Hurricane Sandy relief in Haiti to allowing mining companies to monitor changes to open pits.

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