Agriculture Is the Hottest New Market for UAV Technology

The US military commonly uses drones for tactical assistance during military operations, to carry out assassinations, and to monitor combat zones. Interestingly, however, drones actually have a number of different commercial and civilian uses. And believe it or not, one of the dominant marketplaces for UAVs is actually commercial farming. So how are drones of use to farmers?

Overall, the atomization of agriculture over the past several decades has led to fewer and fewer people working on larger and larger farms. With less human labor, drones can be highly advantageous, helping farmers do everything from spray pesticides to better map vast expanses of aerial land. And drones use can actually help farmers to cut costs as they helps farmers to dramatically improve precision and output.


Drones have the capabilities to take thousands of high-quality digital images, images that can be stitched together to create comprehensive, detailed 3-D maps. These maps can provide farmers with an abundance of different information and data points. For example, they can help farmers to see which sections of their fields need more water or which sections need more pesticides.

Resource Application

Drones can actually be equipped to deliver water or pesticides to crops, improving efficiency and accuracy. Especially when land is rough terrain or on steep hills a drone can treat a swath of land much, much faster than a tractor.

Monitoring Growth

Drones can even monitor plant growth, helping farmers to decide when to schedule harvest. For example, drones that are equipped with infrared light cameras can actually help farmer to determine plant health by analyzing how efficient photosynthesis is in various crops. This information is truly invaluable.

Overall, the UAV market is expected to explode in the next decade. Whether you’re considering purchasing a UAV for personal reasons or for commercial reasons it is a wise idea to purchase UAV protective cases. Drones are sensitive, high-tech pieces of equipment. Therefore, you want to make sure that they are properly protected.

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