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George B. Woodcock & Co. prides itself in finding creative solutions for all packaging types and needs for multiple industries. With over 50 years of experience, we have designed and engineered a variety of requests that have surprised and delighted our customers. In addition, no request is too small or large that our experts cannot solve for. Our packaging design experience and our knowledge in a variety of packaging allows us to really think through a solution to anticipate its needs from delivery, use and display.  

Packaging is an all-encompassing industry term for the technology and design work going into protecting or enclosing every sort of product destined for storage, shipping, and sale. Packaging also takes in the product manufacturer’s marketing efforts. For leading manufacturers, the way they package their products signifies their brand. Packaging is an essential part of any business model. That’s next to producing a product, of course. George B. Woodcock & Co. is ready to help in designing any packaging that helps to deliver your overall brand experience. Lastly, we are able to provide this service across industries.

Our Industries – Aerospace, Military and Medical

Medical packaging serves several important functions, but its primary role is to protect a medical or pharmaceutical product. These products can feature unique specifications and often require sterilization prior to packaging. Medical packaging is designed to both uphold the highest medical standards and ergonomically protect the integrity of a product. Medical packaging ranges from pre-formed packages to customized packages for specialty parts. In addition, variations in size, dimension, rigidity, breath ability and sterility enable even the most delicate medical component to be shipped in an appropriately engineered package.

Military packaging and exports can include everything from small parts to large, heavy goods. Further, when packaging and shipping for the military, you must abide by certain compliance measures. These compliance measures can be a bit overwhelming and hard to understand for manufacturers and suppliers. We ensure full military compliance, as well as, site-specific support, working relationships with government agencies. Lastly, George B Woodcock & Co. has extensive experience in providing packaging, crating, and shipping services for federal, state, and local government entities, military contractors, and all branches of the military. 

Let us provide you with an exceptional packaging experience for your packaging needs. All industries are welcome.


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