Custom CasesGeorge B. Woodcock & Co. has a long history of providing premium custom case solutions.  Therefore, we have the ability to give your cases the customized look that make them stand out above all the rest.  Our designers use innovative designs that are both effective protection and appealing to your customers.  We have the ability to custom brand your cases through custom printed logos directly to the case, custom labels, and we can also put your logo directly into the foam insert.  Whatever case need you have, we have the expertise to provide you with a case you will be proud of.

Pelican Cases

Pelican CasesThis premium case brand stands above all the rest when it comes to quality, performance, and brand recognition. George B. Woodcock & Co. is a long-time core dealer for Pelican. We have worked in close partnership with them for many years. As a result, this enables us to provide you with the very best pricing and support available for your Pelican needs.  Pelican’s premium case combined with our premium custom case solutions enables us to provide you with the perfect case for any need you may have.

Fabricated Cases

We can have a case fabricated to the exact dimensions you need. Our goal is to design the perfect case for you right down to the type of hardware used to close the case. We can continue to customize the case through our fantastic custom case solutions even when completed.

Blow-Molded Cases

At the price point you are looking for sometimes a low-cost custom case is needed to provide your product the protection it needs.  We have a wide variety of stock blow-molded case sizes available. Our team can use to create a custom case solution for your exact requirements. If you need a case completely customized for your product, we can have a mold made especially for you. Our team can provide your product a completely engineered case molded.

Shell Cases

George B Woodcock & Co. partners with Shell cases to provide customized soft case designs. These cases can be used for medical cases, sales kits, pro-audio/video, tests & measurements cases, and much more. In addition, we can design a custom OEM solution to protect or build into your product. Lastly, if you need customized protection to hold your product, the options are limitless with Shell case.


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