Drop Testing

Certified Drop Testing Experts

The George B. Woodcock & Co. Drop Testing Program will provide tangible benefits in
reducing damage, while economically balancing costs and improved customer satisfaction.

  • Basic requirements include fixed displacement vibration and shock testing.
  • Rotary Motion Vibration Test (Transportation Simulator)
  • Drop Testing (Free Fall)
  • Design Center Services
  • The ISTA’s TRANSIT TESTED program has been an industry leader for performance testing. The US
    procedures manual for the test was first created 1948. In addition, the TRANSIT TESTED program ensures help for shippers of any product to reduce transit and keep damage to acceptable minimums. Moreover, the program succeeds through the cooperation of shippers, carriers, manufacturers, packaging suppliers and Certified testing laboratories. Lastly, the TRANSIT TESTED program includes pre-shipment testing, certification, and identification.
  • We conduct all testing at our in-house Certified Laboratory regulated by ISTA 1A procedures. After that, when the packaged-product completes testing and passes, a report is processed and an application is made for package certification. Once reviewed and approved, shippers who are members of ISTA may have the TRANSIT TESTED seal printed on their certified package. Further, the seal is a symbol of the cooperation between elements of the logistic system. This is a further efficient distribution and further proof that the packaged product has been designed and tested for the transport packaging.
  • ISTA 1A Series: Procedure 1A- Performance Test for Individual Packaged-Products weighing 150 lbs. (68 kg) or Less – This Series consists of integrity test procedures and is used to compare the relative performance of package and product design alternatives.

Large Package Scale used to ensure an optimal packaging design


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