GBW’s Custom Case Solutions are the Premier Option for UAV Protective Cases

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are controlled by computers or by a remote control pilot on the ground. The use of drones by the US military is widespread and they play a very important role in many military operations. UAVs are commonly deployed for aerial surveillance and tactical support during military operations.

UAVs have become essential to national security. And something so important needs to be properly taken care of. When it comes to transporting a piece of equipment as delicate and expensive as a drone you need something that offers the highest level of protection and ensures safe arrival.

When it comes to UAV protective cases, George B. Woodcock & Co. knows protection GBW is known for providing the best custom case and foam solutions; including UAV protective cases.

GBW’s custom solutions are distinct from other protective cases options in that they allow for complete customization. The process begins with an evaluation of all of your specific needs, considering performance needs, optimum product interface and access points, stability, impact and drop requirements, environmental and field conditions, as well as vent and pressure requirements. The GBW team also takes into account how the UAV will be transported to ensure mobility and freight compliance.

Once GBW engineers have thoroughly evaluated all of your needs regarding your UAV protective cases, the design process gets underway.

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