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Custom Packaging Solutions

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Mission Critical Custom Case Solutions

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Custom Foam Solutions

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SKID-MATE is an air dampened cushioning device.

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Military and Government Solutions

About George B. Woodcock & Co.

For over 50 years, George B. Woodcock & Co. has been designing, testing and manufacturing top-quality packaging supplies. Our packaging solutions help our customers’ products. As a world-leader in the packaging industry, George B. Woodcock & Co. is able to offer a full-line of products and services; including, boxes and cartons, foam, inflatable packs, mil spec materials, thermoforming, transit cases, wood containers, ISTA testing, and more. We are your packaging experts; contact us to learn more.

With George B. Woodcock & Co., you have one source for all of your packaging needs. That means you enjoy the benefits of a partner with over 50 years of experience in providing the best products and service.


Take advantage of our expertise in helping you select the perfect packaging solution out of the many options available.


“The service and personal attention we receive from Margaret and Adam is wonderful. Their knowledge of packaging and related materials has added to the value we get for product. We appreciate their assistance in application and design, and their patience in fine tuning for the best fit and functionality. They make sure we get the best product for our needs.

I would highly recommend Margaret, Adam, and George B Woodcock to help with packaging services and product. They are truly a high-caliber team.”
by Sandy, BMS

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