Pelican Mobile Military Products: Best Option For Firearm Transport

Mobile Military

Traveling with a firearm can be tricky. If not done properly, you risk serious damage to your equipment. Pelican Mobile Military Products are designed to thoroughly protect your firearms from moisture, sand, dust, salt, and impact. The cases are waterproof and protect against drop damage, while featuring a convenient rib design to maximize stability and stacking during transport.

When it comes to firearm transport, Pelican is a trusted brand. For well over fifty years Pelican-Hardigg engineers have designed custom solutions for the transport and packaging needs of the US military. Through continuous product research, user feedback, and custom solutions, Pelican has developed an innovative and durable line of products that offer highest level of protection. Many of Pelican’s models have been tested in combat situations and are guaranteed to deliver your firearm safely, even through the most hostile of environments. For you firearm transport needs, there are three specific models you may want to look into: Pelican Mobile Military Firearm Cases, Pelican Mobile Military Fieldpaks, Pelican Mobile Military Pistol Cases.

Firearm Cases

472-PWC-MP5Pelican Military Firearm Cases are designed to offer the highest level of protection, for both civilian and military uses. They are best for storing and transporting larger firearms, such as rifles, and they are ideal for stabilizing the firearm during transport. Several foam inserts cushion the firearm, preventing movement. The firearm cases feature double throw latches and padlocks for extra safety, as well as stainless steel wheels for easy movement.




472-PWC-SCARLightweight and easily maneuverable, these soft-shell transport packs are ideal for field transport, with ample space for two firearms. Water-tight and fully impact resistant, the fieldpak also offers a heavy duty zipper and additional pouch attachments.



Pistol Cases

472-PWC-M9-2Ideal for the transport of smaller firearms, specifically pistols, Pelican Military Pistol Cases offer the impact, water, and dust protect. The foam interior is easily customized to fit your specific firearm, ensuring optimum protection during transport.

Ultimately, when it comes to firearm transport, Pelican Mobile Miltary Products are the logical choice, with a long legacy of durable products offering the utmost protection.


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