Pelican Cooler: Tips for Increasing Ice Retention

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There is no doubt about it, when it comes to coolers Pelican coolers are the best option on the market today. Whether you are storing freshly caught fish or food and drinks for a family picnic, Pelican coolers can meet your cooling needs. They are so well insulated that they can actually keep ice for up to an astounding ten days. Built to live up to the high Pelican expectations of durability, these coolers are tough and long lasting.

Pelican Coolers are also highly mobile and very easy to transport. So whether you’re headed to the beach for a picnic or are planning a fishing trip a Pelican cooler can go wherever you are going. They feature a dual handle system, press and pull down latches, and molded-in tie downs and non-skid & non-marking raised feet. And buying Pelican is a great way to support US manufacturing. All Pelican Coolers are made in the USA.

For maximum use out of your cooler there are several tips you will want to know; you don’t just want to casually throw some ice into your cooler and hope for good results. To get the most out of your Pelican cooler check out these tips for increasing cooler ice retention. As Fishing pro Mark Davis explains for maximum performance you will always want to pre-chill your cooler. Further, you can minimize outside airflow and drain regularly. All in all, Davis offers some great advice on how to keep your cooler a lot colder for much longer.


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