The Pelican 1650 Case

1650 Case

1650Transporting sensitive pieces of equipment or delicate gear can be incredibly stressful. Whether you need to transport medical equipment through a combat zone or need to scale a mountain peak for a photo shoot, worrying about whether or not your belongings and equipment will arrive unharmed and in one piece can cause nightmares. So, when it comes to your most delicate transport needs, you need something that offers the highest level of protection and ensures safe arrival. No matter, what your specific needs, Pelican Products has a protective case for you.

If you are wondering why you should choose Pelican Product’s protection cases, the answer is simple: Pelican Products knows protection cases better than any of it’s competitors. In fact, they invented the category. In the last thirty years, the company has built a solid reputation for producing the toughest cases available. Pelican engineers have worked hard to develop a line of durable protective products through continuous product research, user feedback, and custom solutions. And Pelican engineers never stop working– they are continuously developing new and innovative ways to protect the most sensitive equipment and gear.

No matter what your specific situation, the Pelican 1650 Case is ideal for the transport of sensitive and delicate equipment, from computers to cameras to medical equipment. The Pelican 1650 is part of Pelican Product’s series of large protection cases. The large cases are ideal for both transport and storage, offering extreme protection. And, the Pelican 1650 case is customizable to meet your exact needs: customizable foam interior allow for extra protection and inventory control.

In spite of its large size, the Pelican 1650 case is still incredibly mobile. It is designed to move swiftly and easily and includes a retractable extension handle, four durable, polyurethane wheels with stainless steel bearings. In addition, the cases are also stackable. The Pelican 1650 Case also offers the highest level of Pelican Protection. It features a tongue and groove closure sealed by a polymer o-ring and is 100% watertight and waterproof. Even if the case falls over board and is submerged in water, not to worry. The case has barometric relief valve, which permits air to pass through, to ensure buoyance, but not other liquids. And like all Pelican Cases, the Pelican 1650 Case is also crushproof and dustproof for ultimate durability. Ultimately, Pelican cases are guaranteed to get even your most sensitive belongings through even the most hostile environments. And all Pelican Products come with a lifetime guarantee. Protect your most sensitive and equipment for a lifetime by visiting the following link: