What is Thermoforming and What Benefits Does it Offer?

As the world has grown more technologically advanced, the need to protect that technology has increased as well. Improvements to provide for enhanced aesthetics, packaging design, and logistics are now a necessity. At the same time, there is a strong demand for the ability to deliver products in a packaging solution that allows for the acceptance of strict specifications while using less production energy and material and a faster production time. There’s no doubt about it: it’s a tall order. So what is Thermoforming?

Thermoforming: Delivers Cost-Effective Solutions

Thermoforming technology offers a higher standard and more cost-effective packaging solution compared to traditional packaging options. During the thermoforming process, a special type of plastic is heated at a high temperature until it dissolves into a liquid form. The liquid can then be frozen into the desired shape.

The Benefits of Thermoforming

This advanced technology has now become the preferred option for many industries and applications, including medical devices and aerospace and defense. The main benefit of this packaging solution is the cost-efficiency it provides. Due to the stiff nature of this type of packaging material, it is possible to downgrade to smaller units. This not only makes thermoforming a more cost-efficient packaging solution, but also provides space-saving benefits. Thanks to the stiff construction of this type of packaging, it also forms an excellent barrier against odors and is typically resistant to oil and grease.
Using Thermoforming in the Aerospace/Defense Industry

When it comes to the types of thermoforming solutions available today, the sky is truly the limit. Thermoformed trays and clamshells are available for a variety of industries including aerospace and defense. The nature of thermoformed packaging makes it particularly beneficial for these industries in the following scenarios:

• Specialty applications
• Hazardous materials packaging
• Preservation packaging
• Housings
• Delicate component transport trays

Protecting Medical Devices

In terms of packaging medical devices, the packaging is just as important as the product. If the integrity of the packaging should be violated in any way, sterility is lost and the device is rendered useless. This is precisely where thermoforming can prove to be an ideal solution. Thermoforming packaging offers the highest level of protection in the medical industry along with the following benefits:

• Creates a sterile barrier
• Durable packaging solution
• Consistent sealing
• Ease of use

Thermoforming: Protecting the Most Important Items with the Highest Level of Precision

Thermoforming provides reliable and cost-efficient packaging solutions for a wide array of industries. From guarding aerospace and defense components to protecting the most advanced medical devices, thermoforming is a reliable packaging solution.

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