The Importance of Aerospace Equipment Packaging

Packaging is naturally an important component in a wide array of industries. In some industries; however, it can prove to mean the difference between life and death. Such is the case with the aerospace equipment packaging and defense industry packaging.

A review of some of the worst failures in the aerospace industry reveals that many issues whose solutions often appear somewhat obvious and simple in retrospect, have resulted in the largest majority of challenges. Experience has revealed that such challenges can often be linked to packaging issues. As a result, an increased emphasis has now been placed on the reliability of packaging design for aerospace equipment. Proper package design can provide a significant effect on reliability. When it’s mission critical, it is imperative that the equipment backing up your mission is reliably protected.

Customized Aerospace Equipment Packaging Solutions

When it comes to aerospace and defense equipment, a standard solution will not always fit the bill. The aerospace industry often involves unique requirements for numerous components. This is primarily due to the fact that the materials used in the manufacturing of such components are often high-temperature thermoplastics. Consequently, aerospace equipment packaging must be able to accommodate the challenges presented by the thermal expansion often associated with such materials. This means that the normal features and fits found in conventional packaging simply won’t work for the aerospace industry.

In order to provide the highest level of protection, a customized solution is often a necessity.

Aerospace equipment packaging can be specifically built to protect the following:

• Aerospace components
• Spare parts
• Delicate and heavy aerospace equipment
• MIL-SPEC equipment
• Assemblies and sub-assemblies

Customized solutions find application in the aerospace industry for both the protection of equipment during transport as well as to produce a reliable and compact storage solution for equipment.

Meeting Increased Demand in a Global Market

Overall, the aerospace industry is experiencing tremendous growth. In light of rising demand, the aerospace industry has become increasingly global. Consequently, service centers and parts are now scattered throughout the world in strategic locations. This can present unique challenges for the implementation of an effective supply chain.

In an industry where on-time performance and security are critical, the right packaging is non-negotiable. Customized aerospace equipment packaging is specifically designed to meet the strictest MIL Spec packaging standards. As a result, it is possible to ensure the enabling of global supply chains through faster lead times and lower packaging costs.

Whether it is shipping mission-critical equipment or protecting high-value components, the proper aerospace equipment packaging can make a significant difference in reliability, performance, and cost-effective global supply.

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