A leading industry supplier of wood container packaging, GBW has been providing wood container packaging solutions for well over 50 years. GBW started out as a leading military wood container supplier. Trusted by the United States military for our high-quality, affordable solutions, the quality of our products has only increased over the years. Today our wooden container solutions are widely used across the high-tech, medical equipment, semiconductor, and aerospace industries, and we offer a range of different wood container packaging solutions designed to meet a range of different needs, including plain wooden boxes, cushioned crates, and MIL-SPEC.

We are your best source for wood boxes, flotation bases, pallets, and on-site crating. If you are unsure which wood container packaging would best meet your needs or feel customized wood container packaging would be the best option for your business, our designers are happy to come up with a custom-tailored solution specifically designed to meet your needs and specifications. Please note that all of our wood container packaging solutions are constructed using only quality wood, nails, foam, and other custom sourced materials.