GBW delivers innovative, flexible, and high-quality thermoform solutions. Thermoforming is a process commonly used in the packaging of consumer products, offering a high level of customized product packaging. Thin-gauge thermoforming is commonly used in the manufacturing of disposable products, such as cups, containers, lids, trays, blisters, and clamshells, while thick-gauge thermoforming is commonly used in the manufacturing of large parts, such as vehicle doors, dash panels, refrigerator liners, utility vehicle beds, and plastic pallets.

Please note that thermoforming entails a two-step process: heating and forming. A plastic sheet is first heated to a pliable forming temperature. We provide custom-tailored design and production to meet your needs, offering thermoforming in a range of different materials, sizing, and specification. Our expert technicians will then mold and trim the sheet to the shape and size that meets your exact specifications. Our thermoform engineers are skilled at both thin-gauge and thick-gauge thermoforming. Not matter the size of the job or the specifics of the project GBW can shape your product.