We offer solutions in a range of different materials, including solid fiberboard, molded pulp, fabricated foam, molded EPS, thermoform blisters, and non-woven fiber print. Our professionals will work with you to determine the material that best protects your product in the marketplace, ensuring that it is effectively guarded against a range of different environmental factors, including temperature extremes, pressure, and moisture. In addition to optimizing functionality, we also work to ensure that packaging meets all necessary legal and environmental requirements when applicable.

Our skilled designers and engineers are committed to developing packaging solutions that not only protect your product, but also that help it to stand out in the marketplace. Think of product packaging as a kind of marketing: the better your product stands out from the sea of other products on the shelf, the better it will attract a consumer’s attention. We will work with you to ensure that your product’s packaging enhances its aesthetic appeal, working to ensure that any packaging solutions appears to your organization’s target demographic.