We specialize in the development of flexible poly packaging solutions. Flexible polystyrene packaging is renowned as an efficient and cost-effective packaging solution. Poly packaging is incredibly lightweight, meaning that it helps to reduce transportation costs and facilitates easy loading and unloading. A very strong and durable material that will not fall apart when handled roughly, its protective properties and flexible characteristics make it an excellent option for a range of different uses and applications. It should also be noted that polyurethane is extremely versatile, meaning that it can be molded into virtually any shape to match individual project specifications.

We offer a vast range of flexible polystyrene packaging, including sock-sized polystyrene bags, custom sized bags, tubing, and roll-stock. We offer clients a range of different printing options, from basic printing to up to a 10-color print. Our engineers and designers can work with you to develop a flexible poly packaging solutions that best meets your organization’s needs.