Custom Cases
Our advanced technical packaging team is able to provide custom cases to suit a range of different markets and environments, including the UAV, Commercial Aviation, Medical, Audio/Visual, Camera/Production, Military and DOD, and Aerospace and Telemetry markets. Carefully weighing any fragility, vibration, and environmental factors, our experts engineer and develop custom case solutions using warranted parts and accessories engineered to meet exact client specifications. We offer quality control testing and inspection as well as technical support for all custom case solutions.

Please note that in order to mitigate any possible logistical risks, we follow an innovative four-step custom engineering process when developing a custom case order. The first step is evaluation, in which the product specifications, the customer’s needs, and environmental field considerations are carefully analyzed and considered in conjunction with any vent and pressure requirements, as well as any mobility and freight compliance issues. Our specialists then begin the design and engineering phase of development, which includes model development, g-force mapping, tooling design, equipment support and cradle design, part isolation and sway space planning, usage and operation optimization, and environmental analysis. Once the design and engineering process is complete, our experts move into prototype development and testing before beginning the manufacturing process.

GBW and Pelican/Hardigg have shared a long and fruitful relationship, GBW is an exclusive CORE Dealer and Partner with Pelican/Hardigg. GBW and Pelican/Hardigg have teamed up to provide innovative custom case solutions. Our Advanced Technical Packaging Team has experience and knowledge providing solutions throughout the UAV, Commercial Aviation, Medical, Audio/Visual, Camera/Production, Military and DOD, Aerospace and Telemetry markets….
3D Solid File Design/PDF for your review provided on all GBW designs .
Please see below to review our 4 step process!
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GBW eliminates logistical risks with advanced case solutions through our 4 stage custom engineering process:


4 stage custom engineering process