The Pelican 1610 Case: The Best Choice For Sensitive Equipment in Hostile Environments

1610 Cases

1610Pelican Products knows protection: Pelican’s protective cases are unequivocally the best on the market. Pelican engineers have been working for well over thirty years now to develop the most durable cases possible, conducting innovative research, paying careful attention to customer feedback, and developing custom products. And while all Pelican cases offer the highest possible level of protection, they are simultaneously sleek, mobile, and compact.

One of the best advantages of Pelican Protective Cases? They are totally dustproof and crushproof. So know matter where you are or what you are doing, you can rest easy knowing that your gear is totally protected. Trekking through the Sahara? No worries, your gear won’t be damaged by that sandstorm. Hiking in the Andes? That falling boulder won’t crush your gear. With Pelican Product’s protective cases, even your most sensitive equipment or most delicate gear will be 100% protected in even the most extreme of conditions.

There are numerous different great models of Pelican Protective Cases. However, if you need one, large durable case to transport several pieces of equipment, the 1610 Case is a great option to consider. This case, like all Pelican Protective Cases, is 100% waterproof and watertight, featuring a rubber O-ring seal. In addition, it also features an automatic pressure equalization valve to ensure buoyance. If the case is submerged in water, the valve will keep water and other liquids out but will allow air to pass through, ensuring that the case floats. So if you’re kayaking down the Colorado River and a rapid knocks your case overboard it won’t sink to the bottom.

The Pelican 1610 Case has dimensions of 25 x 20 x 13, with a weight of 21 pounds. Though it is one of Pelican’s larger case models, which are ideal for transporting numerous pieces of equipment or gear, the case is still highly mobile. For swift, smooth movement the case features fold down handles, polyurethane wheels, and a retractable extension handle. No matter where you have to go, you can easily take your 1610 Case with you without any problem. Lastly, the 1610 Case is available with personalized nameplate service. For more information or to purchase your case, contact our sales team below.