Pelican 9470 Remote Area Lighting System

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Refined and more powerful the 9470 Remote Area Lighting System (RALS) provides convenient and ecologically responsible alternatives to wasteful generator powered lights. Engineered with the Intelligent Control System which calculates and displays current battery life, allows the user to regulate the intensity of the light and choose the desired run time. Built with versatility in mind, the 9470 RALS features four swiveling telescope masts (each extends to nearly 6 feet) and four 360 degree articulated light arrays. The system’s next-generation LEDs combine to radiate up to 12,000 lumens (3,000 per light head). Powered by a set of rechargeable batteries , the system offers up to 7 hours of peak brightness with a variety of extended run times. Built self-contained in a tough-as-nails Pelican case, the 9470 is compact and provides easy ground transport with a pull handle and stainless steel ball-bearing, polyurethane wheels.

• Four telescoping LED light heads
• Housed in a Pelican protector case
• Up to 12,000 lumens of variable LED light
• Silent operation
• Cool operating temperatures
• No exhaust

CAUTION: The Pelican Products RALS models 9460 and 9470 contain sealed lead acid batteries that can generate hydrogen gas when charging. It is imperative that these products are charged, as instructed, with the case lid open to allow any gases to escape as charging with the lid closed poses a significant hazard. Failure to abide by this instruction could result in injury and/or damage to property. Please refer to the warnings provided in the instructions for the unit and on a decal affixed to the inside of the case adjacent to the cavity where the charger unit is packed.

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9470 RALS

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Pelican 9470 Remote Area Lighting System Specifications

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Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 25 x 20 x 12 in



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