Sustainability in Medical Device Packaging

As the age of the global population expands, the production of healthcare and medical device equipment is anticipated to increase as well. In the past, the primary drivers for medical device packaging have been sterilization, protection from damage, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness. Sustainability of the packaging material has not served as a primary driver… Read more »

3 Interesting Civilian Uses for Drones

Unmanned areal vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones, are most widely known for their military applications, including aerial surveillance. However, small and lightweight, drones have a surprising number of civilian uses. Today, several government agencies, public universities, and private companies hold FAA permits to fly private drones. In many civilian sectors of society, drones are… Read more »

GBW’s Custom Case Solutions are the Premier Option for UAV Protective Cases

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are controlled by computers or by a remote control pilot on the ground. The use of drones by the US military is widespread and they play a very important role in many military operations. UAVs are commonly deployed for aerial surveillance and tactical support during military operations. UAVs have become essential… Read more »

The Pelican 1650 Case

Transporting sensitive pieces of equipment or delicate gear can be incredibly stressful. Whether you need to transport medical equipment through a combat zone or need to scale a mountain peak for a photo shoot, worrying about whether or not your belongings and equipment will arrive unharmed and in one piece can cause nightmares. So, when… Read more »